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Quilting Ideas

Quilting Ideas for 2 Fabric Applique Quilts (2FAQs)

Ideas & Inspirations
Click on each photo for closer inspection.

The words "Quilt as desired" have brought an end to many a wonderful quilt. You are stuck, and your quilt top is not getting finished for lack of quilting ideas. We are here to help.

Below are several close-up photos showing how we have quilted just a few of our 2 Fabric Applique Quilts. Take a look, and then go finish your quilt!

It is with some fear and trepidation that we share these photos. Remember, we are designers and hand-appliquers, not machine-quilters. We know that nearly anyone can machine quilt better than us. We share these photos with you, not so you can inspect our quality of quilting, but to give you ideas about how to quilt your quilts. There will be no snickering or finger-pointing. Thank you for being gentle with us.

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Click on photos in this column to see, and purchase, the patterns. We quilt in the ditch around all the applique. This is a single row of stitching in the background fabric, right next to the applique.
Sailboat & Lighthouse pattern
Sailboat & Lighthouse
Sailboat & Lighthouse quilting example
Wavy horizontal lines give the feeling of clouds, wind and sky.
Sailboat & Lighthouse quilting example
Mimic the lines of the appliqued water in the quilting.
Seahorse applique quilt pattern
Seahorse quilting example The lines of the seaweed were extended into the frame and everything else was filled up with bubbles - simple circles.
Two Mums applique quilt pattern
Two Mums
Two Mums quilting example Use lines from the applique pattern to create ghost images.
Mum blossoms have been quilted in this example.
Frog applique quilt pattern
Frong  quilting example
Quilt more leaves and cattails in the background
Frong quilting example
Texture the frog's skin with warts - little quilted circles.
Peacock applique quilt pattern
Peacock quilting example Repeat the shapes of the peacock feathers in the background, and overlap into the frame. Notice the shafts of the feathers, too.
Ginkgo applique quilt pattern
Ginkgo quilting example
Back view of the quilting for the quilt at left.
Ginkgo quilting example
Veins in the ginkgo leaves, plus more ginkgo leaves in the frame.
Ginko quilting example
The grid lines printed on the dark background fabric were used as quilting lines, see right.
Ginkgo quilting example
Back view of the yellow quilt.
Grapes 2FAQ applique quilt pattern
Grapes quilting example Masterfully hand-quilted for us by Noreen Havens. Notice the lattice and graceful tendrils.
Quilted with variegated, 28-weight, Aurifil cotton thread.
Halloween applique quilt pattern
Halloween quilting example
Pumpkins quilted to make a full pumpkin patch.
Halloween quilting example
So many options for this quilt! Add spiders, more bats, and ghosts coming out of the windows.
Herd of Turtles applique quilt pattern
Herd of Turtles
Herd of Turtles quilting example
Back of this quilt, showing how the frame was quilted.
Herd of Turtles quilting example
Here are those wavy, watery lines used again in the background.
Bear Aloft applique pattern
Bear Aloft
Bear Aloft quilting example
Back of the quilt at right.
Go wild inside the balloons.
Bear Aloft quilting example
Use the grid on the printed fabric to quilt a grid, then add swirls in the frame.
Bear Alfot quilting example
This is a close-up of the back of the quilt at left.
Bear Aloft
Click on this photo for a better view of the whole quilt.
  Check back, we will be adding more examples!  
Bird of Paradise
Bird of Paradise
Bird of Paradise quilting example Echo quilting is a good choice almost anytime; especially when you are stuck, and cannot come up with any other ideas.
Penguin Family applique quilt pattern
Penguin Family
Penguin Family quilting example We quilted this Penguin Family quilt with silver metallic thread and just put snowflakes all over the surface. They show best on the dark fabric in this photo. Click on the photo for a larger view.
Of course, the pattern shows a single quilting line to define the body of the baby penguin.
Penguin Family quilting example This quilt is courtesy of its maker, Sharron Evans. She used watercolor pencils for the shading; and quilted pebbles and iceburgs in the background. Click on the photo to take a closer look.

Yes, we use variegated cotton thread for much of our quilting. We love how the changing colors add even more interest to the quilt.

Click here to get Aurifil variegated, 50-weight, cotton thread for machine quilting.

Click here to get Aurifil variegated, 28-weight, cotton thread for hand quilting.

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We will be adding more How-To and Ideas over time,
so check back periodically for new ideas!