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The notions we sell are the ones we use ourselves. These are the notions Nancy explains how to use in her classes.


Bias Tape Maker - Clover Pencil Water Soluble - Clover Scissors, 8" shears - Gingher
Needle Threader - Clover Personal lights Scissors, 4" and 6" - Karen Kay Buckley
Needles, applique - John James Pins, applique - short Thread, applique, 50 wt - Aurifil
Needles, Big Eye quilting - John James Pins, basting - long Thread, quilting, 28 wt - Aurifil
Pattern Transfer Paper   Thread bag - by Karen Kay Buckley
Thread Caddy

Sample covers, plus more, options vary
Perfect Thread Bag
Perfect Thread Bag by Karen Kay Buckley  (formerly by Pat Campbell). The perfect thread caddy for applique lovers. Can hold up to 48 - 220 yard spools, or twelve 820 yard spools, with a notions pocket, too. (sold without notions pictured). Outer cover fabrics vary.

Thread Bag without thread, $35.00 Item #139

Thread Bag with thread, $215.00 Item #139T
includes a rainbow assortment of 40 - 220 yard spools of 50 weight Aurifil thread
(At the 2015 suggested retail price of $5.00 for Aurifil thread, this bag, with 40 spools of thread, would cost $235.00. At our thread price of $4.50 per spool, your cost is only $215.00.)

Purchase applique thread (50 wt) here
Purchase quilting thread (28 wt) here

Desk Needle Threader Desk Needle Threader by Clover. Don't let the price scare you off. You will never regret purchasing this miracle threader. Quickly thread most needles, including quilting betweens with quilting thread! We LOVE this threader, you will too!!

$16.50   Item #226

Pattern Transfer Paper

Pattern Transfer Paper. For precision tracing of applique or quilting lines onto fabric. Contains no wax or grease; erases like pencil, washes out of fabric; economical--can be used again and again. This is the product we recommend for transferring our 2 Fabric Applique Quilt patterns onto dark fabric. Each sheet is 18" x 24".
Transfer paper manufactured by Saral® Paper Corp. Made in USA.

1 sheet Blue, $5.75 Item #241

1 sheet Red, $5.75 Item #242

NOTE: The blue and red are pale and show up very well on nearly every color of fabric. White will not show up on white, or very light colored fabrics. Yellow shows up well on nearly everything.

1 sheet White, $5.75 Item #243

1 sheet Yellow, $5.75 Item #244

4 sheets, one of each color
Assorted, $20.00 Item #245

Beam N Read LED6 Light
Beam N Read LED6 hands-free light

"During a power outage we found these personal lights to be indispensible! No dangerous burning candles, and our hands were free to do whatever needed to be done. Everyone in  your house needs one of these lights."
Beam N Read LED 6 personal light. A portable reading & working light with adjustable, elastic neck strap for hands-free light anywhere you need it.

6 LED bulbs never burn out. The 4 AA batteries (NOT included) last at least 48 hours. The two-position ON switch lets you choose to turn on either three bulbs to conserve battery life, or six bulbs for maximum brightness. Also included: adjustable elastic strap, orange filter for softer light, red filter for night vision. Weighs 6.1 ounces with 4 batteries (not included). Read more about these wonderful lights here. (Requires Adobe Reader)


$33.00 Item #144+

A great gift for yourself, or anyone who needs extra light with hands free. Nurses, fishermen, and quilters love them! Use them for reading, camping, emergencies, commuting, crafting, sewing...

Here are other suggestions our customers have shared for how they use this light:

  • Beam N Read LED6 Light Read bed-time stories to children.
  • Loss of manual dexterity due to disease, this light would enable person to sit comfortably and still stitch.
  • Stitch at the doctor's office, in hotel or hospital rooms where lighting is poor.
  • Read maps in the car.
  • To light the way, when you need to get up in the night.
  • Do handwork while on the plane, bus, or train.
  • Provide light during power outages.
  • Conserve power.
  • Read in bed at night.
  • The orange and red filters block the blue light emitted by e-readers,  more restful for your eyes.
Clover pencils Water Soluble Pencils by Clover. Three colors incldued in the package: white, pale blue and pale pink. Marks fabric easily and washes off fabric. 

$8.00 per pack Item #247

We use these pencils to mark hand-quilting lines that we will want to remove after quilting, and to mark cutting lines for needleturn applique. Be sure to test that marks will come off your fabric.
Applique Pins Applique Pins by Clover. These short pins are great for applique work. Polyester resin heads, that in my test, do not melt with a hot iron. They come in a handy plastic container. 3/4" (2cm) long, steel, made in Japan. 

$7.20 Item #201

Patchwork Pins Patchwork Pins by Clover. Glass-head pins with very sharp points are great for pin-basting. 100 pins come in a handy plastic container. 1-5/16" (36 mm) long, steel, made in Japan. 

$7.50 Item #202

Needles for applique Applique Needles by John James.

Straw (milliner) needles. These long, thin needles are great for hand applique. 25 needles per package.

Size #10, $3.50 Item #259

Size #11, $4.00 Item #260

Quilting needles Big Eye Quilting Needles by John James.

A traditional quilting needle with a longer, embroidery-style eye for quick and easy threading. Experienced quilters also note that a long eye is less likely to shred specialty threads like metallics and pearl cotton. Made of steel in England. 12 needles per pack

Size #10, $3.50 Item #261

Size #11, $3.50 Item #262

Gold 'n Glide Big Eye quilting needle. The same quilting needle as described above, with a new patented coating so the needle glides effortlessly through your fabric. 10 needles per package.

Size #10, $5.00 Item #269

Size #11, $4.70 Item #270

8 inch Gingher shears 8" Bent Handle, Knife Edge Shears by Gingher. These scissors are ground with a very sharp edge and will cut through greater thicknesses of fabric than will other scissors and shears. Especially good for cutting out Hawaiian quilt appliques, or any fabric. Boxed and with a plastic molded sheath.

Right-hand, $45.00 Item #225

Left-hand, $45.00 Item #232

Perfect Scissors 4" Perfect Pocket Scissors by Karen Kay Buckley. The special blade pulls the fabric to the scissors rather than pusing it away like traditional scissors. Things you will like about these scissors, cushioned handle, easy for right or left hander to use, blades sharp to the very tip, serrated blade keeps fabric from fraying, light weight and comfortable. The 4" size are great for detail cutting on curves and points.

 $21.00  Item #271

perfect sicissors 6" Perfect Scissors by Karen Kay Buckley. These scissors have the same benifits as the 4" Pocket Scissors above. The 6" size is nice for those larger areas and also work great on curves and points.

 $27.50 Item #272

Bias Tape Maker 1/4" (6mm) Bias Tape Maker by Clover. OK, this notion has nothing to do with Hawaiian Quilting--BUT, is a necessary tool for Celtic Knotwork Applique and Stained Glass Applique--both of which Nancy teaches.

$6.80 Item #200

Check out our line of wonderful Aurifil applique thread and Aurifil quilting thread.

Click Ordering Information for more details.