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How-To and Ideas


12 Tips for Better Quilt Pics Free Pillow Case Pattern Quilting Ideas for
2 Fabric Applique Quilts
Less-Than-Perfect Fabric Selections?
Salvage That Quilt!
Making Bias Tape: Nancy's Secret to Success Snow Lady button-nose option
Add Seagulls to your Sailboat & Lighthouse 2FAQ pattern Echo Quilting from Different Directions: When Lines Converge Free Mini Holiday Tree pattern
Creativity Series        Quilt Binding - How To Free Holiday Star pattern
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Creativity Header
Click on Creativity to open pdf of articles
A compilation of ten articles published in our monthly e-Newsletters from August 2015 to May 2016. Because we sincerely believe creativity benefits you and the entire world we put these articles together in an easy to print and save format. Our continuing desire is to kick-start, or stimulate, YOUR creative juices. Enjoy!
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Free Holiday Star placemat quilt pattern
Click on photo to open pdf pattern
Free Holiday Star placemat quilt patternFREE!!
Holiday Star Placemat
2 Fabric Applique Quilt pattern

Our gift to you is this 13" x 16" applique quilt placemat pattern. Make each placemat from just 2 fat quarters of fabric. Follow the instructions in any of our 2 Fabric Applique Quilt patterns, or use your method of choice. Fuse and machine applique for a fast project, or hand applique and embellish to your heart's content. Then set your table with these stars! Enjoy.
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Quilt Binding - How To
We all know a quilt is not finished until it is bound.
We also know a poor binding can detract from an otherwise beautiful quilt.
Here are our instructions for getting the beautiful binding you want for your quilts, including those neatly mitered corners!
Click photo to open 4-page pdf instructions.

You can watch as Nancy teaches this binding method on either of our DVDs:
Hawaiian Quilting with Nancy Lee Chong
2 Fabric Applique Quilts with Nancy Lee Chong
Quilt Binding - How To

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Free Holiday Tree quilt pattern
Click on photo to open pdf pattern
Mini Holiday Tree
2 Fabric Applique Quilt pattern

Free Mini Holiday Tree quilt patternOur gift to you is this 11" x 17" applique quilt pattern. Make the quilt top from just 2 fat quarters of fabric. Follow the instructions in any of our 2 Fabric Applique Quilt patterns, or use your method of choice. Fuse and machine applique for a fast project, or hand applique and embellish to your heart's content! Enjoy.
"Thank you so much for the Mini Holiday Tree pattern! The thing I like best, next to hand stitching, is embellishing, and I know I will enjoy making more than one of this lovely quilt. How happy I am to have discovered Pacific Rim Quilt Company, and have let many friends know as well. Please keep designing and sharing your wonderful creations." -- a happy customer

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Echo quilting lines
partial view of Orchid Oasis

Echo Quilting from Different Directions

When Lines Converge

The concept of echo quilting is easy: Evenly spaced rows of quilting radiating out from the applique. But what do you do when quilting lines begin to merge between a center medallion and an outer border? Or in the center of a quilt that has a large open center? Or, when the shapes of the applique cause the lines to bump into each other? Click the photo to find out!

You have two options with this pdf document. Click the one that works best for you:

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Sailboat & Lighthouse with seagulls

Add Seagulls to your
Sailboat & Lighthouse pattern

When Melinda Sword sent us this photo of her quilt with the seagulls she added to it, we were so impressed we asked her if we could share this with all our customers. She graciously agreed. So, here is your FREE Seagulls pattern add-on. Adobe Reader required.

Add these seagulls to your pattern, or to your finished quilt. See the pattern add-on for instructions.

Click here to purchase the Sailboat & Lighthouse 2 Fabric Applique Quilt pattern.
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How to make Bias Tape
Click on this photo for your printable instructions in pdf format.

Making Bias Tape: Nancy's Secret to Success

Free instructions for easy-to-make bias tape for your Celtic Knotwork applique, stained glass applique, or for any other decorative purposes.

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Free Pillow Case instructions

Click on this photo for free instructions:
Pillow Case in 3 Seams !!!

Free Pillow Case Pattern

Applique Quilt Borders & Table Runners
patterns suggest putting the applique designs on pillow cases.
If you click on the photo of Nancy's pillow case, at left, you can see our favorite method for making a pillow case.
You will be opening a pdf document, which you can save or print.
(Opening these instructions requires you to have Adobe Reader.)
Borders & Runners logo
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Quilting Ideas for 2 Fabric Applique Quilts (2FAQs)

Ideas & Inspirations

Click on each photo for closer inspection.

Calla Lilies by Yvonne Bagnell.
Yvonne stitched a single row of quilting about 1/4" outside the Calla Lilies on the blue fabric, no quilting inside the flowers. The blue background is stipple quilted. The white frame is cross-hatched.

You have a finished top, you want to have a finished quilt. But, you need ideas for how to quilt it. Here are our suggestions, plus examples of how a few of our customers have enhanced their quilts with very effective quilting. This should get you started:

  • Use wavy, horizontal lines in the background to suggest clouds, wind or water. To make it more interesting, space these wavy lines closer together in the bottom third, then gradually space them further apart as you move up into the sky.
  • Using the lines from your pattern page, quilt in a few more images from the pattern. We call these ghost images, and depending on the pattern you have used, these could be leaves, cattails, flower petals, hummingbirds, or stars. Put them in the background, in the frame, or both. (In this photo you see more Peacock feathers on the background fabric.)
  • Echo quilt, either the entire background, or just in the outer frame. Space echo quilt lines about 1/2 inch apart.
  • Inside the applique, add details to the image. Put veins in leaves and flower petals, add texture to the Frog with quilted circles, dripping wax on the candles. (This photo shows the detail of a Dragonfly's iridescent wing.)
  • Think about what else lives with the images in your applique - add quilted snowflakes to the Penguin or Snow Lady quilts, dragonflies on the Frog quilt, a lady bug or two on the Rose Arbor quilt.
  • Use a printed image on your fabric as quilting lines. If the fabric for your Kimono quilt has fans or cranes on it, quilt around a few of those, then repeat those images in the background or frame, in different sizes.
  • A grid can suggest a trellis for either the Grapes or the Rose Arbor quilts.

For even more quilting ideas and pictures,
click here.

Grapes by Pat Berry.
(love the purple iridescent fabric!)
Parallel rows of echo quilting highlight the outer frame. Veins have been quilted in the grape leaves; no quilting in the grapes.

The background has been cross-hatched.

Giraffe Family by Carole Doyle.

Echo quilting in the Giraffe and stipple quilting in the dark brown background.

Notice quilted veins in the leaves, and the wandering feather vine in the outside frame.
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Photographing Your Quilts

12 Tips for Better Quilt Pics

Click for re-print of Janice's article in American Quilter, fall 2006
Adobe Reader required to view this article.
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Less-Than-Perfect Fabric Selections?
Salvage That Quilt!

We have all done it - picked what we thought would be the perfect fabrics for our quilt, only to get the top done and realize that it does not shine the way we had thought it would. Disappointing, for sure. But hopeless? Perhaps not.

Click here to read how we transformed two of our ooops quilts, into successes!
Adobe Reader required to view this article.

   From ooops...
Kimono, oops

...to Ta-dah!    
Kimono, fixed
Kimono pattern
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Snow Lady applique quilt pattern
Carrot-nose Option

Snow Lady pattern

Snow Lady, button-nose option
Button-nose Option

Snow Lady

If you purchased the Snow Lady pattern with the carrot-nose on the cover (prior to 12/12/12) and you want the button-nose option, print the pattern modification and instructions here.
(Choose the ACTUAL size print option when printing this pdf.)

Both nose options are included with the pattern after Dec 12, 2012.
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We will be adding additional How-To and Ideas over time, so check back periodically for new ideas!