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Frog Pattern Correction

June 2009


We have discovered an error on our FROG 2 Fabric Applique Quilts pattern. The cover photo is correct, but the pattern does not exactly match the photo, as you will see below.

To know if you need to make a correction to your pattern page:

Check the date on the pattern page, below the title. If your pattern is dated July 2008, you will want to make this correction. If your pattern is dated July 2009, you have a corrected pattern.

We have also provided photos and instructions for how to repair your quilt if you have already cut, appliqued, or quilted your quilt and want to make the correction now.

The Pattern Fix

Click on each sketch to see a larger view.

frog pattern error
If your pattern is dated 7/2008, this is what the original pattern looks like.
frog pattern fix area
Highlighted in orange are the lines which need to be removed. Tape a piece of paper over those areas, or use a white-out product to cover them.
Frog pattern corrected
This is what the pattern should look like.

The Quilt Fix

Click on each photo to see a larger view.

Frog fix

If you made your quilt from a pattern dated 7/2008, this is what your applique looks like.

Frog fix

To fill in the areas around the eyes, applique two patches similar to this photo, or the orange patches in the sketch above.

Frog fix

To disguise the patches, quilt some "frog skin" detailing, as pictured here. Or quilt to suit your taste.

Even though the coloration of the above photos varies, you are looking at the same quilt in all three photos. Nancy appliqued the patches and then quilted over the patches, which are now invisible!

  • If you hand appliqued your quilt, then hand applique the patches.
  • If you fused your applique, you can fuse the patches. It will be very important that you stitch over the patches with your quilting, or do some careful machine stitching around the edges of the patches to make sure they hold and do not fray.
  • You can make the same repair even if you have already quilted your piece. It will just take some care to applique the patches and then add a few more quilting lines to disguise them.
Our apology

We sincerely apologize for the error on this pattern and for the inconvenience it has caused you. We work very hard to publish patterns that are error-free. We test and double-check before printing each pattern. But we are only human, and we make mistakes. Above all, we want you to be happy with our patterns and the quilts you make from them.

We thank the quilter who first brought the problem to our attention. She did all of us a favor. If you have any questions about our fix, or want advice about a situation we did not cover here, please email us at info@prqc.com. We always welcome your comments and suggestions.